Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Table

 Ok, so I might not have any seedlings yet, but I have finished my latest DIY project - The Salad Table.

It started life as a pallet that some paving slabs were delivered on, and I'm upcycling it (SO not a real word) to give it a second chance!
I'm really hoping that having a slug proof continual source of salad leaves just outside the back door through the summer might be good for both wallet and waistline! We'll see. 
Anyway the first part of the project is complete - the building - here are some pictorial highlights! All 3 of the kids lent a hand at some point. Small got stuck in with a paintbrush, (with predictable consequences!) and Medium was very persistent and useful with an electric screwdriver. A nice bit of Father/Son DIY bonding! Large helped out near the end too.

Went for a kind of distressed, blue, shabby beach hut chic look!

Going to line it with black cloth, fill it with a soil/compost mix, plant some salad mix and see what happens! Anyone got any salad leaf seed mixes they recommend?

finished - what a beauty huh!?


  1. Nice table! Haven't got round to wrestling with pallets yet but I'm sure the day will come. I'm interested to see how you get on with your blogging and digging, have you thought of putting a "subscribe by email' widget on your blog sidebar? Also, did you comment on my Veg Patch Kids blog, I had a comment in my email inbox but it didn't show up on the blog. Weird.
    oh yes, also look at UK Veg Gardeners website, free to join, lots of gardening types sharing tips, photos, etc. :-)

  2. Yay, subscribe by email! Thanks, Mark!

  3. This is going to look amazing once those salad leaves start growing, especially against the colour! Love it.